My Plan to Make All This Stuff Disappear

Here is my grand idea to reduce my collection. We are solid members of Craigslist and have noticed over the years an increase in ads but also an increase in repeat ads. Some items have been renewed over and over for a year or more. Unfortunately, we have also had items listed for long periods. Ergo, items are either too highly priced for the market or have no resale value. Our site at has drawn criticism for high prices as well as inspection problems. So here is our solution > place a selection of items on our own on-line auction on with starting prices considerably below the market value and let the chips fall where they may. That means a very low starting bid and no hidden reserve and no shill bidding to pump the prices up. What this means is adealforu. Will it generate sales and reduce our inventory? Probably, but we expect to lose a lot of dinero, at least initially. This is an experiment of the first order. It will require trust on both sides to work.

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